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Jamp Productions
First class music recording and production in the real world.
Born of a basic hunger to create great music, Jamp Productions was set up in 2002 by writer, producer and mix engineer James Pryce. Working with other experienced professionals and strategic partners, we can now offer a comprehensive range of studio services to new and established artists and bands, as well as the gaming industry and corporate clients - everything from recording studios, sound design, engineering and production, to co-writing and mastering.
We pride ourselves on having the hands-on experience and practical approach that allows our artists to develop their creativity unhindered and we provide a positive and productive environment that simply helps people produce stunning music. In short, we are the catalyst that empowers artists - on both a creative and a technical level, helping them to fulfil their potential and to realise their ultimate artistic vision.
We have access to some of the finest studios in the UK recording industry and we have a broad range of high end equipment and instruments from many eras of recording history - Some classic analogue outboard and hard to find specialist units have found a home with us and now work alongside some of the very latest digital systems.
Having the experience to run this gear properly and maximise the potential of this integrated approach sets us apart from those newly established digital studios who's experience is limited to software 'plug-ins' and USB connectivity!
Jamp Productions draws together people from all areas of the industry - people whose passion is writing, performing and producing music. This rich 'stable' of talent is available to work with us, contributing a huge range of skills and helping to make Jamp one the most fertile organisations to develop your ideas with. Whatever the project platform, be it songs, games or films, we're in the business of creating the 'soundtrack for lives'!

We aim to exceed and to deliver. Our engineers and producers will work closely with you on your concepts and can often surprise you with innovative and successful approaches that you hadn't even considered. Your complete satisfaction is our goal and we will work with you to achieve the results you deserve.

Jamp Productions