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We have seen all manner of creative projects come through our doors - from dance music and rock tracks through to film scores and musical development. Our philosophy and attitude has always been to adopt an integrated approach, with the music and creativity seamlessly supported by the technology and facilities we provide.
We aim to be responsive to your needs - providing appropriate resources where and when required, creating an intuitive and fertile environment for you to create and record. Where required, our writers and session musicians can add real value to your project - interpreting and creating additional, complementary tracks that really bring your work to life. In essence we can cater for all types of artists, bands or commercial media projects and we can provide a wide range of customised production packages that will satisfy the most demanding and critical client.
Sound Design and Foley
Over the years we have project managed a number of video game and film development projects that involved bespoke sound design and extensive foley audio work. Synthesis and acoustic manipulation is a key specialist area of ours and we have contributed some amazing noises, clanks and bangs to all manner of media production projects.
Composition and Song Writing
We have worked with some notable names in the writing world and we have a roster of published writers and composers who we can work with. These writers can help you if you need support with some unfinished work of your own, or provide you with inspiring bespoke material if you're a performance artist who needs unique material to work with.
In addition, we specialise in writing for film and broadcast including full orchestral film scores and we also have credits on successful TV advertising campaigns with some notable brands including Loreal, Renault and SKY.

Session Musicians

At Jamp we have been fortunate to record and perform with some of the best musicians in the business. We have working relationship with all kinds of musical geniuses, covering many genres and instruments and we can have these experienced people contributing their talents to your tracks too. Having someone truly gifted interpret your music is something that can't be described in words and ultimately it can add immeasurable value to the final product.

We consider each project individually and separately and we don't expect clients to work to our agenda when they come to us with a project. As such, we're reluctant to give the kind of 'rates' based costs that assume a 'one size fits all' approach.

Instead we look at the unique demands and dynamics of your project - you could say we are a 'one-stop shop' however, as we can cover all of the requirements involved and give a budget according to those needs.
Why not give us a call to discuss the details and we can respond with outline package deal that will give a much clearer idea of costs, with no hidden surprises and 'extras', according to your specifications.
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