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What we offer
From its inception, the focus at Jamp has been on delivering a quality product - yes we use industry standard tools to record and produce, but we will often employ a classic piece of vintage kit in the studio if it gives us the desired results.
Technology and systems are forever evolving and it can be a task to keep up to date with innovations, however we are constantly working to extend our capabilities - a prime example being our remote 'online' services where you can get the full benefit of our experience, our expertise and our facilities with a truly 'on-demand' package that's delivered straight to you via your PC or Mac!
Recording and Tracking

Whether it's overdubs, multitrack recording or full orchestral tracking you need, we can cater for the demands of your project at one of our roster studios. We assign resources accordingly and use the most appropriate studio space to fit the scope and budget of your project - everything from a single acoustic instrument or vocal to a fully orchestrated film score, we have the facilities and the experience to project manage, produce and deliver.

Mix Engineering

An experienced professional mix engineer is a crucial part of developing the sound and feel of your project. Not just from a technical point of view, but from an artistic and creative stand point, a mix engineer's experience helps to hone and shape the end result. Our in-house engineers have a reputation to uphold for quality and creativity, and have worked on everything from pop, rock and dance albums right up to large scale orchestral work.


This is the most critical final ingredient to producing the perfect recording - a pivotal function in terms of transferring all of the creativity, the toil and sweat - not to mention the technology and expertise, into the ultimate reality that represents your creative vision!
We use only top, proven audio mastering technologies to bring your music to life and to ensure that it sounds as good as intended on as many different audio systems possible once it leaves the studio.

Remote Services
Online Mixing and Mastering is becoming a very popular and flexible way to work for lots of different kinds of artist and media customers. This cost effective approach means clients can buy-in to the expertise, the facilities and technology that we have to offer on a truly 'on-demand' basis that avoids block bookings, travelling and the time-out spent with the logistics of a demanding project.
Remote working also allows an effortless international approach that is crucially cost effective, with all work undertaken being fully approved at each stage, and on completion, by the artist.
Production and Development

Having a world class producer work with you is critical to the success of your project. An experienced producer can help you find that elusive sound and help develop the arrangement and overall style of the piece with you. We can be as 'hands-on' as you want us to be, listening and responding to your creativity and developing your ideas and vision. Our producers have worked on everything from chart hits to award winning film scores and have an immense amount of know-how and experience to get the job done on time and on budget.

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